Projector Headlights With Halo Rings From

Projector Headlights With Halo Rings

Did your car not come from the factory with the much coveted Xenon light package?

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Installation: EASY - Most People Can Do This With Common Household Tools

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Projector Headlights With Halo Rings from

Did your car not come from the factory with the much coveted Xenon light package?

Features and Benefits Of This Product

Now you can upgrade your factory OEM halogen headlights to real Projector Headlights. Quality assembly from the factory, our kits (optionally) come complete with fully functional with real XENOFLO Xenon (HID) bulbs in your choice of color, and PRE INSTALLED INTEGRATED HALO RINGS.
Now also available for the F30 with U-Shaped Halo rings and LED Daytime Running Light built in.

Available Options

We offer various upgrade options with our Projector Headlight Kits: Choose from our Xenoflo True HID bulbs in assorted color tints (6000-8000k color temperature) or Xenesis Tru Match halogen bulbs for a less expensive halogen solution without using standard yellow halogen bulbs (xenesis bulbs emit a 4000k light).

Installation Notes

Installation is simple; Our kits come with all the required wiring, ballasts and is an easy plug n' play design which does not require any resets by the dealership as tested in-house to ensure the hassle-free installation.

Note: Installation of the illuminated halo rings is controlled using a relay+wiring harness which is provided. The trigger for this relay can be any 12v power source and is chosen by the installer / user depending on his/her desired behavior of the lights. Installation Difficulty: EASY - Most People Can Do This With Common Household ToolsClick on the 'Installation Guides' tab above for installation resources.

This Product Fits (see PRICES & ORDERING tab above for clearer detail)

E30 - BMW 3 Series and M3 - 1984-91, E34 - BMW 5 Series and M5 - 1989-96, E36 - BMW 3 Series and M3 - 1992-98, E38 - BMW 7 Series - 1995-02, E39 - BMW 5 Series and M5 - 1997-03, E46 - BMW 3 Series Coupe, Sedan, Convertible and M3 - 1999-2006, E90/E91 - BMW 3 Series Sedan and M3 - 2006-2012, , E53 - BMW X5 SAV - 2000-2006, F30/F31/F34/F80 - BMW 3 Series Sedan and M3 - 2012 and up,

Warranty + Satisfaction Guarantee

Kits for E46 come with a one year manufacturers warranty.

Kits for E90/X5 come with a 6 month manufacturers warranty. For problems with halo rings on E46 vehicles, a new ring will be supplied for installation by the end user. For E90/X5 kits, the halo rings are sealed inside the unit and are not replaceable.

Notes / Warnings

Read the article below for more information on BMW Headlights:

What kind of BMW headlights can you find?

Factory vs Aftermarket:

You can buy your BMW replacement headlights or upgraded headlights in either factory or aftermarket form. Factory BMW replacement or upgraded headlights come from BMW, usually available at your local dealership. These lights are guaranteed to fit and have great performance, however they are often much more expensive than similarly performing aftermarket versions. Aftermarket BMW headlights are a great option if you would like factory like performance at a lower price point or if you want a custom look not offered by factory BMW headlights.

Types of BMW Headlights:

Depending on your model of BMW, there are many different types of BMW headlights which can work.
BMW Projector headlights refer to the type of headlight that BMW uses in its cars. Most BMW cars will use projector headlights. Recently, there have been advancements in headlight technology and there are LED headlights available.
Many people enjoy the angel eye look of BMW angel headlights also known as BMW halo headlights. If your car did not come with the angel elements from the factory you can purchase factory or aftermarket BMW headlights which do have the angel/halo element. There is also the option of buying a Halo Ring Kit and retrofitting your existing BMW headlights with BMW angel/halo elements. This is a great way to upgrade the appearance of your car in both the daytime and nighttime.

HID xenon lights refer to High Intensity Discharge xenon headlights which provide a brighter light and more controlled cutoff than non HID projector lamps. HID headlights are a factory option on many BMW models, so if you did not order them from the factory you can upgrade to HID style performance with aftermarket BMW HID xenon headlights at a fraction of the cost of the factory BMW HID headlights.

Popular options for replacements and upgrades by model include:
LED units for BMW M3 and BMW M5 headlights.
HID and/or Halo elements for BMW 318i, 323i, 328i headlights.
HID and/or Halo elements for BMW e30, e36, e39, e46, and e90 model headlights.

Beyond the headlights there are other lights you can upgrade or replace on your BMW.
Many aftermarket providers offer BMW fog light and BMW side marker replacements and/or upgrades. BMW fog lights serve to illuminate the ground in foggy conditions. Often fog lights are added to M bumpers or other aftermarket bumpers to get a customized look and increased lighting performance. While your BMW comes with orange side markers, many people want to upgrade theirs with smoked or clear aftermarket BMW sidemarkers. These give a clean and modern look to your BMW.

Things to look for when buying BMW headlights:

Once you have chosen the type of BMW headlights that fit your needs and preferences there are several factors to consider in getting the ultimate headlight option.
When upgrading BMW headlights it is important to keep in mind compatibility, brightness and value.

Compatibility refers to the fit of the headlights. When buying aftermarket BMW headlights it is important to get the right size headlight so it fits in your car. The best way to ensure you get headlights which fit is to order them from a reputable aftermarket supplier and be sure to specify the model of your BMW.

Brightness refers to the amount of light output by the headlight. Different kinds of headlights have different relative brightness levels. Non-HID BMW projector headlights offer a solid baseline brightness level. These are the type of headlights which come on lower level factory BMW models. Higher end models use HID BMW projector lamps from the factory. HID lamps, which stand for High Intensity Discharge lamps are brighter and offer a sharper cutoff than non-HID projector lamps. You can upgrade your non-HID BMW 1,3 or 5 series as well as X1,X3, X5 and Z3/Z4 models with HID headlights. Some recent high end models such as the 6 series and M5 offer LED headlights. These headlights use Light Emitting Diodes instead of projector lamps to give off even more light than HID lamps. LED headlights are just beginning to hit the market.

When considering the price and value of BMW headlights remember that factory headlights will be more expensive and less of a value when compared to aftermarket BMW headlights. Factory or stock BMW headlights ensure compatibility which can also be ensured by choosing a reputable aftermarket dealer.

Why upgrade your BMW headlights?

There are two main reasons to upgrade your BMW headlights; performance and/or aesthetics. If your BMW headlights do not have HID projector lamps, upgrading to HID lamps will provide better performance in terms of increased light output and brightness. For aesthetic reasons many people upgrade their BMW headlights with �angel eyes� also known as halo elements. These give your BMW a premium, clean and modern look. Along with angel eyes, many people will replace their side markers with clear or smoked aftermarket side markers which gives a cleaner, more modern look to your BMW.

Please check your local laws for ensure legality when using this product on public roads and highways. In areas where this product is not legal for road use it is sold strictly for off-road, track or show use only.

Avatar Customer

Q: If i fit these headlights to my car with your HID kit. Would it appear as a bulb out failure on my car? Or is it made so that this would not be a problem?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: With the XENOFLO hid kits that we sell, they have built in error cancelers into the ballasts. Especially with E46 vehicles, this error canceler works perfectly to avoid any errors on your car.

In very rare circumstances, depending on software version in your car computer, you MAY need a different kind of error canceller, which we can provide you with should the built in error cancellers not be right for your vehicle.

One way or another, we can get these lights working error free for you, but most likely they will work correctly straight out of the box.

Avatar Customer

Q: i have 2013 bmw f30, is this fits my car? the pictures shows are for e46.

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: This item will not fit the 2013 F30,

This would be for either the E36, E46, and the Pre-LCI E90 (2006-2008)

Avatar Customer

Q: Hi,

Will this projector headlights fit on a 2009 E90 323i LCI with halogen?

Avatar Bimmian Rep.

A: The projector headlights will not fit the 2009 BMW changed the shape and design.

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